Clinical Practice Guidelines for Tonal Audiometry by Air and Bone Pathways with and without Masking


  • Juan García-Valdecasas Bernal Otorrinolaringólogo. Hospital Universitario S. Cecilio. Granada. España.
  • Gabriel Cardenete Muñoz Otorrinolaringólogo. Hospital Universitario S. Cecilio. Granada. España.
  • Franz Zenker Castro Unidad de Audiología Clínica Barajas. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. España.



auudiometry, air conduction, bone conduction, masking


The purpose of this document is to define a standardized method, providing useful and necessary recommendations, to effectively and correctly perform manual Liminal Tonal Audiometry (ATL). This guide reflects the recommended procedure for airway and bone conduction audiometry, with and without masking and in most audiological settings, for both adults and older children. The proposed method is not appropriate for young children, people with learning disabilities and other special situations that require some modifications to obtain reliable results. Such situations are not the subject of this document. Nor does it cover other procedures such as high frequency audiometry (above 8000 Hz), audiometric screening, free-field audiometry or speech audiometry. Likewise, this guide is not intended to instruct on the interpretation of the test results, an act that must be carried out by a qualified professional.

Note: This document is owned by the Asociación Española de Audiología. The page numbers of this article do not correspond to the rest of the issue, being a supplement.


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2017-05-08 — Updated on 2021-09-15


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García-Valdecasas Bernal, J., Cardenete Muñoz, G., & Zenker Castro, F. (2021). Clinical Practice Guidelines for Tonal Audiometry by Air and Bone Pathways with and without Masking. Auditio, 4(3), 85. (Original work published May 8, 2017)



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