About the Journal

 Disclaimer: The journal policies are being revised by the Editorial Board and will be published in Spring 2021. The information here can be slightly modified.



AUDITIO | The Spanish Journal of Audiology is an international scientific publication, edited in Spanish and English, with rigorous peer review, open access and with an emphasis on dissemination and research in the field of audiology in an inclusive way in which professionals from different disciplines can contribute and share knowledge within the audiological community.

AUDITIO considers for publication any contribution of interest to the audiological community. For this, the contents are divided into different sections with innovative editorial policies. The editorial team's mission is to eliminate language, economic and academic barriers in order to promote research and generation of knowledge in audiology in Spanish-speaking countries and in the rest of the world. In addition, the articles follow a rigorous evaluation process in a transparent way, giving added value to the indispensable work of evaluating scientific content. As a final goal, AUDITIO wants to make the members of the Spanish Audiology Association participate in the magazine, promoting scientific pedagogy in all editorial processes and appreciating the contributions of members from different disciplines.


AUDITIO publishes scientific articles of interest to the multidisciplinary community of audiology. Authors' contributions are evaluated by expert reviewers in their fields as well as by readers dedicated to other areas of audiology. AUDITIO considers for publication contributions that provide evidence in favor of a better understanding, diagnosis or rehabilitation of hearing loss.

The subject of the journal includes various aspects of the study of audiology, from fundamental science studies to applied research. In addition, AUDITIO includes expanded content based on comments, critical reviews and technical notes with the aim of sharing practical and applied knowledge that complements the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Journal Policies

The ethical principles that AUDITIO is committed to mainly follow those adopted by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) along with selected policies modified from the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) and the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Open Access

AUDITIO publishes its content under Creative Commons licences. The readers have open access. The author processing charges are 500€. However, the publisher (Asociación Española de Audiología, AEDA) waives the APCs for all the member of AEDA. Additionally, AEDA covers 70% of the APCs of non-members until Decemember of 2023 being the current APC of 150€.

Publishing model

AUDITIO evaluates the submissions in a rigurous and transparent peer-review. Furthermore, AUDITIO ensures the publication of articles of interest for the broad audiological community by having a "third reviewer", usually a clinical or technical audiologist, who provides additional feedback in the peer-review process.

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Journal Sections

AUDITIO | Research Articles

More information soon. Original articles, replication studies, reviews, etc.

AUDITIO | Research Communications

More information soo. Commentary, AEDA Journal Club, project reviews, book reviews, etc.

AUDITIO | Open contributions

The articles in this seccion are processed as the the ones in the previous seccions with two main differences. 1) The article will be available as a preprint during the entire peer-review process and all the events and reports will be public. 2) The editor will not be resposible of "accepting" the manuscript. It is responsability of the author to improve the quality of the article and seek for peer-review with the help of the editor. If the article obtains positive evaluations this will be included as an official article in the archive of the journal.