Long-term Averaged Speech Spectrum. Fundamentals and Clinical Applications.


  • Jonathan Delgado Hernández Fundación Canaria para la Prevención de la Sodera. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. España
  • Franz Zenker Clinica Barajas. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Spain




averaged speech spectrum, LTASS, ICRA, hearing-aid fitting


One of the goals to in the clinical field of hearing-aid fitting is to achieve a comfortable and intelligible level of listening to speech. To achieve this objective, reference signals based on the average of the speech spectrum have been created with which to evaluate the gain of the hearing aids. Sex, age, location of the microphone or language are variables that influence the recording of this measurement. In this article we review the influence of these factors and present the possible audio-logical and hearing-prosthetic applications of this type of signals.


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