Auditory neuropathy and newborn screenings


  • German Trinidad Ramos Hospital Universitario de Badajoz. Servicio de ORL, Badajoz, España
  • Gabriel Trinidad Ruiz Hospital Universitario de Badajoz. Servicio de ORL, Badajoz, España



auditory neuropathy, newborn screening


In the 2010 CODEPEH Recommendations, the discovery of all hearing loss is advised regardless of its etiology and severity. Auditory neuropathy can go unnoticed in programs based on the use of otoemissions as the first level of screening. However, there are very specific cases that can present this pathology and this allows its discovery provided that adequate criteria are followed in the programs based on otoemissions, as has been done in all of them. This work, in addition to describing this pathology in its etiological, pathophysiological, clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects, specifies those antecedents that make us suspect, not only auditory neuropathy, but also retrocochlear lesions that, due to their own location, would not be detected by otoemissions. It is children who spend more than 5 days in PICU, those with toxoplasmosis, those who have had hyperbilirubinemia with exchange transfusion, and those with a family history of neurological processes, especially those with a history of Otof Gene disorders, who need to complete screening with auditory evoked potentials.


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