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Auditio: Electronic Journal of Audiology was born in 2001 with the aim of providing on-line information related to Audiology. The magazine arises so that our discipline is better known in the world and with the aim of becoming the reference for professionals in Spanish-speaking Audiology.

Auditio is published twice a year. Each issue of the Journal includes original articles, theoretical reviews and summaries of each study in which the most relevant aspects are highlighted.

Each volume of the Journal will deal with aspects related to the main topics of Audiology with special emphasis on clinical aspects. Auditio aims above all to be an interdisciplinary magazine in which all types of professionals have a place. In Auditio, studies related to the following disciplines are published:

Cellular and molecular biology
Speech therapy
social Sciences
Diagnostic tests
Age and aging

Audtio hopes to contribute to the development of audiology through its journal by providing a means through which to base this discipline on a solid scientific basis. We hope to achieve this objective through the publication of high quality articles, with a high scientific and practical impact.

The international distribution of Auditio through the Internet among the Spanish-speaking community has, in a short time, made it the most widely distributed Audiology journal in the Spanish language and one of the most widely read specialty magazines internationally.

In the following table you can fully access the published volumes. Click on the number of the journal to access the contents for free.As a reader of Auditio: Electronic Journal of Audiology you can visit the following link to find out the necessary tools to access the files and published articles:

If you are interested in submitting an original manuscript to our journal, you can visit the following link. In it we detail the instructions to prepare the manuscript and its subsequent submission for review by the members of the Auditio editorial board.

Screenshot from Internet Archive July 11, 2007