Prresentation (2001)

AUDITIO started in the autumn of 2000 as a Web portal  with the aim of providing on-line information related to Audiology. It was born not only so that our discipline is better known in the world but also so that it is the appropriate forum in which the different professionals related to Audiology discuss their points of view. The Portal and the Journal will be presented in a language spoken by many of the world's population: Spanish. In this sense, we welcome the whole world to our Portal. I am sure that through this language that we share as a vehicle of expression we will learn from each other.

J.J. Barajas del Prat


The development of the Internet has meant both a technological and human revolution to the extent that it has changed the ways in which individuals communicate. Internet responds to the old dream of the expression of ideas in freedom without economic, political or ideological servitude. Faithful to this romantic idea, we believed that it might be time to create a forum in Spanish on audiology. In it, we hope to exchange opinions, experiences and interests among the professionals who practice this discipline with dedication. I am sure that we can learn a lot from this experience and take advantage of the spontaneity and fluency that this medium offers us.

Franz Zenker