Raul Sanchez-Lopez resigns as editor-in-chief for personal reasons


With this short communication, I bid farewell to this exciting project. Since I became Editor, AUDITIO has been transformed into a high-standards yet humble journal, and this is largely due to the incredible editorial team comprised of early career researchers. The transformation of AUDITIO has required a significant amount of my energy and enthusiasm, but it has rewarded me with substantial scientific growth and the opportunity to build an interesting scientific resource for the Spanish-speaking community.

Unfortunately, in recent months, I have experienced the consequences of the uncertain academic life, and I have become less able to contribute to AEDA and AUDITIO. Therefore, I have made the decision to prioritize my health and career, and I am resigning as a board member of the society and reducing my involvement in AUDITIO. Today, it is time for me to officially step aside and allow AUDITIO to continue the path we initiated with a new editor, Helia Relaño-Iborra, and a new managing director, Carlos Benitez-Barrera.

In the coming months, I will still be involved in coordinating the production and ensuring a smooth transition.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Spanish Society of Audiology (AEDA) for their trust and assistance in the relaunch of the journal, the authors and reviewers for their crucial contributions to the life of the journal and the community, the Editorial Board for kindly accepting our invitation and being part of the journal, our partners (translators, layout editors, IT), and the editorial team for making things happen. Helia, Carlos, Miriam, Gerard, Oscar, and Paula, thank you very much!

I sincerely hope that AUDITIO becomes internationally recognized and maintains the values and principles that we agreed upon.

Raul Sanchez-Lopez, PhD