Frequency Following Responses Workshop FFR2022 (extended deadline)


Frequency-Following Response Workshop, Barcelona, 8-10 June 2022 

Deadline Extension 21st March

This year, the FFR workshop (FFR2022) is organized by Brainlab – Grupo de Investigación en Neurociencia Cognitiva, Universidad de Barcelona) together with Prof. Nina Kraus (Northwestern University, IL, USA; Brainvolts) and it will take place in the historic building of University of Barcelona 8-10 of June 2022.

The Frequency Following Response (FFR) is a sustained auditory evoked potential that has gained recent interest in auditory cognitive neuroscience over the past few years, as it captures with great fidelity the tracking accuracy of periodic sound features in the ascending auditory system. By analyzing the FFR it is possible to read neural traces from the scalp as sounds are transcribed in the neuronal aggregates and how these neural sound traces are shaped by different auditory experiences, context, and challenging conditions, such as listening in noise, with age and in speech and language disorders. Moreover, the number of developmental studies recording the FFR during the first years of life in healthy and clinical conditions are growing exponentially, as the FFR provides a neurophysiological correlate of language acquisition and processing.

Despite its popularity, a lot remains unknown about the FFR: what are the underlying processes involved in generating the response and what do the components making up the FFR reflect exactly? What kind of analyses are most appropriate to characterize the response? And what does inter-individual variability in the FFR signify? The aim of this workshop is to bring the FFR community together and to open up the discussion on the origins and interpretation of the response, explore new recording and analysis techniques, and discuss hot topics in this rapidly evolving field.